Aron Mackiey’s landscape photo turned out rather well. His marker is at left.

I wrote last week about the fine time I had with the Lansdowne meetup for Find-A-Grave Community Day at Fernwood Cemetery. We have kept quite good contact since then, and now have a keen mailing list were we keep our discussion topics in order. One of these topics, if I’m not prematurely announcing it, is a return to Fernwood Cemetery as a group in late November to continue whittling away at the rather large photo request list that still remains.

I also wrote of an expected sequel to that post, and I’d like to deliver on that prognostication. You see, later that afternoon, on Saturday, the 18th of October, after completing my assignments at Fernwood, I went off on my own to fulfill several more requests at my favorite place to photograph, Philadelphia National Cemetery, off of Germantown Avenue.

If you look at the Find-A-Grave memorials for veterans buried at Philadelphia National Cemetery, you will notice that most of them were imported from the Veterans Affairs database all the way back in the year 2000. One might infer from this that Find-A-Grave’s veterans’ database is by-and-large complete. This happens not to be the case, actually, and a fellow Find-A-Graver by the name of Julie G. has done excellent work this year creating the missing memorials from the official records at the VA’s Nationwide Gravesite Locator. Julie tops off each new memorial with a photo request, which I am all too happy to fulfill.

Many of the requests I fulfilled on the afternoon of October 18th we Julie’s, but several came from the general Find-A-Grave viewership. I was only too happy to fulfill these as well, and many of the landscape photos turned out well as twilight turned to dusk. Enjoy below the photos I took during the afternoon and evening of Find-A-Grave Community Day, October 18th, 2014. Click through each to see its Find-A-Grave memorial, each of which includes a swell landscape photo of the gravesite area.


One last photo to share. I do believe Jospeh A. Muldoon’s landscape shot also turned out quite well. This is one of the last photos I took before calling it a night due to lack of light:


Joseph A. Muldoon, second row, center.

That’s it for Community Day! I hope to see the group again in late November.