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Find-A-Grave Community Day 2014, Part 2: Philadelphia National Cemetery


Aron Mackiey’s landscape photo turned out rather well. His marker is at left.

I wrote last week about the fine time I had with the Lansdowne meetup for Find-A-Grave Community Day at Fernwood Cemetery. We have kept quite good contact since then, and now have a keen mailing list were we keep our discussion topics in order. One of these topics, if I’m not prematurely announcing it, is a return to Fernwood Cemetery as a group in late November to continue whittling away at the rather large photo request list that still remains.

I also wrote of an expected sequel to that post, and I’d like to deliver on that prognostication. Continue reading

52 Ancestors, No. 21: Clyde C. Kitch, the Man Who Gave All

Clyde C Kitch

Today is Memorial Day, a time to honor the fallen soldiers of the United States military. I must say that I’ve been fortunate not to have too many military veterans who never returned from duty. There have been a few, but they are generally distant in my family tree. My paternal grandfather, I believe, had a cousin who died in combat, as did my maternal grandmother, I believe. These are lines that I have not yet fully investigated, and they will receive their due consideration in time. Today I’m honoring a man even more distant in my family tree, but one for whom I happen to have a photograph to show you. The photograph comes courtesy of’s scan of Bloomsburg State Teacher’s College’s 1935 yearbook. The man is Clyde C. Kitch.  Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend, 2014, at Philadelphia National Cemetery


Sgt. James Paul Michio.

I had occasion this weekend to visit the Philadelphia National Cemetery to fulfill several Find-A-Grave photo requests. In a humbling display of dedication, just about every marker in the cemetery to had been accented with the colors of the Star-Spangled Banner, in celebration of their achievements as members of the U. S. military. I could only imagine the effort. These pictures turned out quite remarkably, I must say, where the light was favorable. I found the scenes too inspirational to keep between myself and the Find-A-Grave users who requested them. I therefore present to you for your consideration, Philadelphia National Cemetery’s Find-A-Grave photo requests, Memorial Day Weekend, 2014.  Continue reading

Major Restoration: Missing Pieces

I recreated the left side of this gentleman’s hat entirely from what remained of the right side, although a hat could just as easily have been copied from a similar photo. The latter method might have been preferable had I needed to replace a detailed insignia, but the method I chose ensured similar colors, lighting, etc.